The Importance Of Content & Impact It Has For Your Website

Content is still king, especially in 2021, as businesses are motivated to find new ways to build strong relationships with their customers during the pandemic.

At its heart though, content marketing is a timeless strategy that is used to make connections with potential and existing customers. The aim of producing this content is to engage with your target audience and entice them to follow through on one of your marketing goals. These are often linked to profit-making, but could include:

  • Persuading a user to sign-up to your site
  • Sharing your web pages on social media
  • Following your brand on social media
  • Making a purchase from your site
  • Contacting your sales team with an enquiry

Types of Website Content

When we talk about digital content, there are several ways to attract your audience’s attention online. These include webpages, social media and video channels.

Looking at your website, our creative agency Essex team will take the time to get to know your brand at a granular level, so we can put together a considered and bespoke content proposal.

The website content we suggest will typically have two main purposes:

  • To drive engagement with your target audience and increase your conversion rates
  • To optimise your web pages so they rank well in the search engines

Content Which Engages Your Audience

When putting out content, it shouldn’t be stuffed with keywords you’d like to rank for in Google. Not only could the search engines penalise you for this type of strategy, but you also won’t attract a loyal following.

To improve your bounce rate, which is the length of time which a web user spends on your pages before clicking elsewhere, you’ll need content which speaks to their interests. Therefore, your content should be interesting, informative and answer a question which your customer may have.

Depending on the focus of your website, you might choose to add informational guides, product demos, customer reviews or blog posts to your marketing mix.

The rate at which you update the content on your site will not only appeal to Google, who loves the addition of fresh content, but it will also keep your followers coming back for more.

Remember too that website content doesn’t need to be purely text-based. In fact, video content is hugely in demand with 68% of marketers revealing that video has a better ROI than Google Ads, according to Biteable.

Optimising Your Content

If you’re invested in SEO as a marketing strategy, then of course there’s an important balance to strike between appealing to your customers and appealing to the search engines too. Your content plan should include both an on-page and off-page focus to ensure that you build a dynamic digital presence.

In terms of on-page SEO, the content in your blog posts, static web pages, videos and even your images should include relevant keywords and phrases which you’re targeting in organic search. Meta tags can also be tweaked to reflect these and should be adjusted in a bid to outrank your competitors.

Off-page SEO might also include some careful content planning in the form of guest posts including a backlink to your website landing pages.

Content Is A Long Game

Unlike other marketing strategies such as PPC, content is not a quick-fix solution. Instead, our creative agency Essex professionals will plan out a long-term approach to developing content which builds a rapport with your followers, whilst laying the foundations for your future in search.

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Collins Kiprono
Collins Kiprono

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