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How do we introduce 5th Brand? Sometimes, you need an outside perspective. You know best what your organization needs to be successful, but you might be looking for help with how to make your ideas a reality. You need to entrust your product to a competent and experienced team, one that not only knows the technology cold, but also knows your industry cold. That’s where we come in. 5th Brand brings your vision to life with elegance, reliability, and measurable success.


Founded in 2017, 5th Brand is an advertising and art organization with an interdisciplinary approach to design and marketing. We’ve developed hundreds of brands, most notably Fellout Afrikana Community and The Ants Podcast and Vlog.

We empower aspiring creatives, writers and minimalist entrepreneurs at GYAI, we develop and produce podcasts, we’ve designed a colouring book, and we’re on a mission to teach people that mental health matters.

tl;dr We’re 5th Brands. We create brands.

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What would you say you do here?

Our goal at 5th Brand is to reclaim the internet as a fantastic place to work, play, and discover. We develop digital solutions that connect people to information, entertainment, ideas, and one another. We want to create a world of genuine collaboration, where teams can do their best work in an atmosphere of mutual trust, support, and respect.

Who are you?

5th Brand is a distributed team with members from all over Africa and the world. We form a professional fellowship that excels at audience research, user experience, visual design, information architecture, data visualization, software engineering, development operations, and technical training to improve the efficiency of your product and process.

When you succeed, we succeed.

The success of our clients at 5th Brand, who collectively serve over a million pageviews per month across news, entertainment, and policy channels, is the true measure of our success. None of this would be possible without the high-quality technology solutions that power websites for organizations such as Fellout Afrikana, The Denv Post, Twisted Empress and The Brookings Institution. We're proud to say that our work has laid the groundwork for these and many other sites' resounding post-launch success, supporting their ongoing growth and assisting them in keeping up with the Internet's rapid pace of change.

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